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We arrived at St. Germain sur Avre late in the afternoon 30 August 2003.
St. German sur Avre, is a tiny village near Nonancourt just west of Dreux

Our little 66 sqm house with all comforts.

The most interesting of the nearby places is Nonancourt!
Nonancourt’s origins go back to the Roman invasion, but the town really came into its own when Henry I of England established a fortress here in the 12th century as a defence against the French to the south. The town was largely destroyed during the Hundred Years’ War but rebuilt in the 16th century. The fortress no longer exists but the small town has plenty of architecture from the late middle ages as well as very pretty walks along by the river Avre.

Where Is Nonancourt?
Les Bords de LAvre - Click to enlarge

Nonancourt is a small market town with approximately 2500 inhabitants.
It is situated on the north bank of the River Avre and is just inside Normandy as the river at that point marks that region's southern border.
It is about 85 kilometres due west of Paris on the N12 and 80 kilometres south of Rouen on the N154.

Nonancourt was founded at the beginning of the Middle Ages and the old fort and the church date from that time. It is now the county town for the district.

Church of Nonancourt

Situated as it is on the banks of the River Avre and surrounded by the green Normandy countryside it is a pleasant place to visit.

31 August 2003 At **VERSAILLES**

1 September 2004 At **CHAMBOURCY** and **Aigremont

2 September 2004 At **PARIS**

3 September 2004 At **FECAMP**

4 September 2004 At **BRUGGE**

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